Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nail Trims

Its important to have your dog's nails trim at least every 4 weeks. If it is put off too long serious injury can take place. Cracked or broken nails can cause a big problem and takes a long time to heal. Ingrown nails are a big problem for rear dewclaws. It creates discomfort and can distort the pad its self. Elderly dogs should have short nails. If a dog has too long of nail is can create arthritis in the feet and it can disfigure the toes to one side.

In this picture you can see that the left dewclaw is curled one and a half times around. There is a mat in the middle of the circle. The right foot has the nail gr owning into the skin.

No need for an appointment for nail trims. I'm here Tuesday-Saturday 9 to 4, come on in anytime. Nail trims cost $10 and I also can dremmel/file the nails to get them really short to for an extra $10.

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Christie Henriksen
Uptown Pups
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